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Welcome to Hologram Visuals' blog. This is where we feature behind the scenes photos from current work. Enjoy!




Three months ago, Hologram Visuals was contacted to have a meeting to explore a music video concept for Dentist, an buzz worthy band from Asbury Park, NJ. We met with Dana Yurcisin and Biff Swenson and began pre-production. Once the visual style and story were locked into place, we began scouting for our locations.

The day of the shoot, we traveled off to Penn Hills, a former couple's retreat in Pennsylvania only to find that it had recently suffered a fire and had been completely blockaded. That's production life for you. Thankfully, we had multiple plan B's, C's and D's which led us to the location you see in the stills below.

Atmospheric and naturally haunting is putting it lightly. This place had it all and we could have spent a month exploring every nook but in the end, we got what we were hoping for and moved on to 2nd location.