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What a week! The IZOD team invited us out for a week in Montauk, NY to head up the capture of their upcoming Spring/Summer looks. Working alongside Ben Watts (yes, that Watts), a hugely entertaining yet superbly talented commercial photographer, the Hologram Visuals team pulled out all the stops. Wind, rain, sunshine; we got the job done!

The talent was incredibly fun to work with as well. We were lucky to have worked with some amazing models on this shoot (Philippe LeBlonde (TheVanMan), Gabe Chytry, Nathan Owens, Kathy Leutner, Christina Makowski, Clayton Straker and Zack Miko). They made dealing with the bipolar weather at "The End Of The World" a whole lot easier and we came away with enough footage to produce at least 5-6 commercial segments!

Day one was all about wakeboarding with Philippe and Nate. Those guys froze their nuts off but soldiered through and we got the shots IZOD was hoping for and then some! Being a model is a lot tougher than it looks in magazines and on film. The sounds of their teeth chattering after coming out of the water still haunts our dreams...but seriously, if you're going to seek out that career, be ready to have to jump in cold ocean waters, perform backflops in pools, go through 50 wardrobe changes a day and have everyone counting on you for the magic, all while having to hide how uncomfortable you are. Fortune favors the bold to be sure.